Brittnee Camelle

@misscamelle Is a Singer and Entertainer.

DCT Styles had the pleasure of styling one of Brittnee Camelle's looks for her music video, "Whole Mil"- a single which can be found on all streaming platforms:


  • Concept Design for Glam Look- Drea Cooks of DCT Styles
  • Styling- Drea Cooks of DCT Styles



Brittnee wanted a Glam look. In this scene she is getting ready for her next BOSS move. With makeup, phones, money guns, and champagne, her look needed to be stunning...So I created Golden Rollers with Diamonds and accessorized it with a medium denim choker detailed with gold chains!

I used semi traditional rollers in order to achieve this look...

The golden touch... 

First I added a gold spray paint to give the rollers a small upgrade to glamor!

Placement and Quantity...

Then the Diamonds!

The 2nd Detail was the Choker:

Medium blue, light weight denim w/ golden chain clasp and gold jewelry chains.


And then this happened... 




Music Video by Brittnee Camelle Performing Whole MiL

Produced By Kreative Villains

Videography by @peltivisions x @brandnewconsultingroup

Styling done by @dctstyles x Drea Cooks

Guest Starring @MerciMi x @MerciMicosmestics