Drea Cooks originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado has had a love for fashion since the age of 3 when her Mother first allowed her to dress herself. She was raised in a home where self-expression and creativity was always supported. Once in high school, Drea began her early stages of fashion design through the costume department in theater. Every chance she got she would also get creative by the REVAMPING of older items. Through customization, she would make them look new. "I didn't grow up wearing a lot of name brand clothing like a lot of my class mates, which at the time I guess didn't bother me, until they would ask me where I got my stuff!" lol "Looking back on it now, i'm happy it was that way, because it allowed me to think outside of the box and be different". Once graduating high school [Sierra High School] in 2005, she knew that she wanted to go to school for fashion design. However, it wasn't until a few years of working in retail that she moved to Florida to achieve this dream. 

While in Tampa Florida, Drea attended IADT where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. In 2013, DCT Styles was developed when she had to build a mock business for a school project. "DCT stands for Dreams Come True, because they really do, every goal I have achieved started as a dream or thought that I had years earlier". Soon after the development of this business she started meeting people outside of school that introduced her to different opportunities within the industry. "Cal was the first one to give me a shot, he believed in me. He calls and he's all excited about a friend of his named Nara [Bahia Swimwear] that requested a stylist, so he thought of me!" It was after this opportunity where her love of fashion became an obsession. Drea lived in Tampa for 6 years before moving to Atlanta Georgia where she currently resides.


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